Frequently Asked Questions

How much does serveusint charge vendors?

Serveusint charges 3% per transaction on purchase made, while 97% is paid into the vendors account.

As a vendor do I need to add VAT to my price package?

NO! It will be calculated at checkout.

I hope there are no hidden charges

No, once your order has been completed an electronic invoice is sent to you. The only extra payment vendee make is VAT which is usually 5% per transaction.

As a vendor when will my account be credited?

Your account will be credited as soon as we get notification on completed order from the vendee.

Can we pay directly to vendors when we meet in person?

NO! It is strongly advisable you pay for whatever service you purchase on the site. Users may not offer or accept any method of payment except through

How do i register as a Vendor

You can do so by clicking on "Register" it appears at the top right corner of the homepage, next use the drop down arrow to select the vendor option and fill in details correctly. Application is subject to approval after it has been approved an email will be sent to you with login details. Use the login details to complete your registration. *Note: You register as a vendor if you have a service to offer.